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Volunteer & Event Management

Seamless logistics on a unified platform. 
Recruit and mobilize your volunteers and schedule them for shifts. Throw successful community events and fundraisers with powerful, fully-integrated tools. Empower your supporters to host their own events using customizable sign-up forms.

Volunteer Management

Cultivate stronger relationships and mobilize your supporters with fully-integrated management tools.
  • Manage Your Volunteers

    Create and monitor different types of volunteer shifts, activities, and roles. Easily track signups and actual activity. Engage, segment, and schedule your volunteers using our fully integrated CRM. 

  • Cultivate Relationships

    Engage volunteers meaningfully. Volunteer profiles display key information including their volunteer history,  their availability, and other custom identifiers.

    Mobilize Your Supporters

    Strengthen your organizing program and mobilize your base with the same tools that power national movements. Recruit, cultivate, and expand your base with a seamless onboarding process. Easily digestible stats help you innovate along the way.
  • Custom Tags & Activist Codes

    Label and tag your supporters based on any custom criteria or characteristic, and use EveryAction's powerful create-a-list tool to search and segment groups of people. 

Event Management

Seamlessly manage and schedule your events from one place, while harnessing past insights to drive your success.
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  • Keep Improving

    Analyze the stats of past events to create a smarter plan for the future. Track the history of invitations, confirmations, and attendance. 

  • Empower Supporters to Throw Events

    Encourage your supporters to throw house parties, fundraisers, and other community events on their own, and collect RSVP data into your database. Read more here.  

  • Manage the Logistics

    Schedule your events and manage their logistics in one place. Easily monitor invites, confirmations, and attendance. You can also track location availability and manage the roles of each participant. 

  • Ticketed Events

    Build custom tickets into your fundraising event forms. Sell tickets of varying prices to raise more money from the right audiences.