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Social Network Integration

Turn Social Influence into Supporter Action.

Build meaningful relationships with your most influential supporters by tapping into the power of advanced social matching, social share tracking, and more. 

  • Advanced Social Matching

    With Social Matching, EveryAction takes any supporter record that has an email address and automatically matches it to nearly 100 different social networks - including Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Identifying your most influential supporters, en masse, has never been easier. Read more.

  • Social Share Tracking

    Encourage supporters to spread the word on Facebook or Twitter with social sharing tools available on each online form. Track the impact of those shares and identify which supporters drive action and generate new sign-ups. Read more.

  • Facebook Ads Manager Integration

    Create custom target segments in EveryAction, then push them to Facebook for precisely targeted ad buys. Track ROI of a given ad campaign over time, and pull custom, robust reports to measure success. Read more.

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It's time to make the switch.

Meet EveryAction Development
Discover a better, more user-friendly platform to cultivate donor relationships, track major gifts, run direct mail & telemarketing campaigns, build robust custom reports, and at the end of the day, raise more money. Learn more >>