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Add-On | Social Advocacy

Powerful advocacy using Twitter.
Sidestep crowded inboxes + gatekeepers. Social Advocacy puts your supporters' tweets in front of those that need to see them most.
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Don’t fight for space in the inbox - cut through the noise and get your message in the right hands, at the right time.
  • Get Personal

    Many elected officials check their Twitter feeds at the office and on-the-go. Social Advocacy will deliver your message wherever they are.

  • Keep it Simple

    It should be easy to empower your supporters. Choose your targets, compose your tweet, and your campaign is ready to go.

  • Start a Conversation

    Let your supporters start a discussion, not an email chain. Leverage Twitter’s interactive format to put your supporters and your message front-and-center.



Twitter is where things happen first. Put your cause where it can be retweeted, liked, and reported on.
  • Start Trending

    Emails can’t gain momentum the way that tweets can. Watch your messages resonate and gather support across the Twitterverse.

  • Do More With Less

    Why send 1,000 emails when you can send 30 tweets? Congressional staff pay particular attention to social media. Social Advocacy puts you on the agenda.

  • Be Newsworthy

    Make noise, make the news. Twitter is a valuable source for journalists and media outlets, so put your message where the action is.

Social Advocacy 2


Whatever your issue and whomever your target, Social Advocacy delivers. Get the right message to the right people.
  • @Politics

    Working with Congress? You’re ready to rock. Social Advocacy comes pre-loaded with every US Senator and Representative’s Twitter handle.

  • @Influencers

    Business leaders, public figures, and celebrities use Twitter to engage. Social Advocacy connects you with influence, whatever its source.

  • @Brands

    Leverage the power of good - and bad - PR. Many brands maintain valuable Twitter presences, and work hard to stay engaged with their consumers.