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Visualize and Present Your Data the Way You Want. 
From built-in data visualization to powerful report templates and a custom report builder,  EveryAction Development offers the most sophisticated fundraising reporting features on the market. 
  • Report Builder

    Custom reports offer a real-time picture of your supporters across all channels. Dig deeper by segmenting data by universe, timeframe, or source. Choose your data points, and use Report Builder to easily arrange and interpret your data.

  • Source Tracking

    Know where your money is coming from across campaigns, funds, and appeals (online and offline). Role-up hierarchical codes provide fundraisers the ability to easily search, track, and report on your fundraising goals and performance.

  • Data Visualization

    Utilize fully customizable analytics dashboards to visualize, communicate, and share your data like never before. Build charts & graphs from online form submissions, to email data, donor info, and contribution summaries. See more. 


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It's time to make the switch.

Meet EveryAction Development
Discover a better, more user-friendly platform to cultivate donor relationships, track major gifts, run direct mail & telemarketing campaigns, build robust custom reports, and at the end of the day, raise more money. Learn more >>