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Best-in-Class Tools on a Unified CRM

Bring your data together and make it more powerful, insightful, and useful than ever.
  • See the full picture

    Understand your supporters. Collect donation history, email engagement, petition sign ups, and more in a single database.

  • No more messy import/export or sync

    Forget switching tools, remembering passwords, and uploading spreadsheets - one database, one account.

  • Powerful list segmentation

    Segment your list in new and valuable ways by searching across offline and online activity.

  • Smart Integrations

    EveryAction 8 provides in-house data experts, powerful APIs and direct integrations with everyone from industry leading analytics platforms to technology start-ups.

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Get the Works

Built & supported by nonprofit experts, our tools allow nonprofits of all sizes to optimize interactions with supporters and prospects:
  • Targeted Email

    Create beautiful emails with integrated one-click donations + unmatched deliverability rates.

  • Donor Management

    Raise more money by keeping your online + offline efforts organized in one place.

  • Voter Contact

    Supporter organizing tools including canvassing, phone banking, events, and direct mail.

  • Volunteer Management

    Recruit, track, and manage volunteers with the platform trusted by the most notable volunteer organizations in the country.

  • Online Donations

    Mobile-optimized, multi-step donation pages built for one-click giving + making secondary asks.

  • Advocacy

    Reach influencers with one-click advocacy actions + use secondary asks to turn advocates into donors.

  • Online Actions

    Optimized forms with one-click actions for any type of campaign you choose to run.

  • Social Advocacy

    Use the power of Twitter to build your list and get your message heard by your advocacy targets.

  • Social Network Integration

    Monitor and track influential supporters with advanced social matching, powerful Facebook integrations, & social share tracking. 

  • Event Management

    Create, manage, run, and report on online + offline fundraising events with ease.

  • Supporter Management

    Keep all your supporter information in one powerful CRM.

  • Data Visualization

    Build beautiful charts & graphs to see your data in a whole new way. 

Smarter, for Less

EveryAction was built with you in mind: streamline your operations, get your work done on any device, and unite your team on one tool.
  • Designed by people who get nonprofits

    EveryAction was designed by nonprofit experts and tech leaders committed to building a better world - just like you.

  • Mobile responsiveness comes standard

    It shouldn’t cost more to make your tools work on mobile devices. EveryAction  fits any screen, anywhere, at no extra charge.

  • Single login + simplified multitasking

    Log in once to control all of your channels. Need to shift gears? Our simple interface and easy navigation make multitasking seamless + convenient.

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Looking for Development Tools?

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Discover a better, more user-friendly platform to cultivate donor relationships, track major gifts, run direct mail & telemarketing campaigns, run robust custom reports, and at the end of the day, raise more money. Learn more>>