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Paid Phone Tools

Affordable Phone Tools for Your Organization's Campaigns
From fundraising drives to advocacy campaigns, our paid phone tools have helped thousands of organizations drive action & raise money. Reach supporters using Predictive Dialer, RoboCalls, and Live Call tools, all 100% integrated with EveryAction.
  • Live Call Tool

    Create a target universe and script through EveryAction Organizing and then deploy to a high quality call center. Unlike other market tools, the Live Call Tool allows for Survey Question Responses, Activist Codes, and disposition codes to be synced with your database in near real time.

  • Predictive Dialer

    Predictive Dialer makes phone banking up to three times more efficient than hand dialing, saving both time and money. Script creation, universe selection, scheduling, and the caller interface can all be accessed directly through EveryAction Organizing, and results are received in real time. 

  • Robocalls & RoboSurveys

    Cut any list of voters, members or volunteers, walk through a short, intuitive wizard to record a message, and monitor the call or survey progress as data is collected. 

  • Virtual Phone Bank

    Allow supporters to make calls to a selected list of contacts with the script and survey questions you identify. Publish your Virtual Phone Banks to a website so volunteers don't have to log into EveryAction Organizing to make calls. Each VPB will receive a unique URL that can be shared with volunteers. All the data flows back into EveryAction Organizing.


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It's time to make the switch.

EveryAction offers best-in-class digital, fundraising & organizing tools on a unified CRM.
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