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[WEBINAR] The Science Behind Engaging your Supporters
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[WEBINAR] The Science Behind Engaging your Supporters


We all know it's important to have a beautiful donation page and a clear call-to-action, but how often do we take the time to examine why our supporters donate? What motivates them and how can we translate that knowledge to better appeal to future supporters?

If you're interested in finding out, join our FREE webinar to learn about the science behind engaging your supporters. We'll go over everything from:

  • How to use empathy to authentically motivate supporters
  • How to tell better stories
  • How to help your supporters feel effective


About the Speaker:

Evan Parker, Senior Vice President for Clients and Accounts, EveryAction // Evan C. Parker is a Fellow with the Center for Social Impact Communication and a Lecturer at Georgetown University’s School of Continuing Studies, where he specializes in how to activate audiences to support causes and nonprofits. Evan serves as the Senior Vice President for Clients and Accounts at EveryAction, the online software from NGP VAN used by thousands of nonprofits for fundraising, organizing, and engaging supporters



EveryAction webinars are an informal, monthly online gathering of nonprofit marketers, fundraisers, and technologists. These free, monthly webinars feature a presentation on a special topic in the nonprofit space, and are produced as a way to inform and inspire the nonprofit community. If you have any questions, please email community@everyaction.com.