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Direct Marketing

Manage Multi-Channel Campaigns & Monitor ROI.
Segment custom audiences based on any criteria and target them with multi-channel telemarketing, digital ad, or direct mail campaigns to maximize your organization's fundraising efforts - all within EveryAction Development.
  • Direct Response Plan Wizard

    No more passing spreadsheets back and forth. From one central location, plan, implement, and track all direct mail and telemarketing efforts, and monitor ROI. 

  • Facebook Ads Manager Integration

    Create custom target segments in EveryAction, then push them to Facebook for precisely targeted ad buys. Track ROI of a given ad campaign over time, and pull custom, robust reports to measure success. Read more. 

  • Powerful Segmentation Tools

    Segment your list in new and valuable ways by searching across offline and online activity. 

  • Financial Householding

    People who give together, don't always live together. EveryAction lets users create custom households to account for individual donors who contribute money together.



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