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Last Updated: April 27, 2016


By the numbers:

  • American students studying abroad
    Less than 10%
  • American students enrolled in language courses
    Less than 7%
  • #LanguageMatters
    hashtag use
    in six months
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American Councils for International Education




The #LanguageMatters campaign is a movement to ensure the next generation of our global leaders come equipped with the critical language and cultural skills needed to achieve peace and mutual understanding in the 21st-century.

The campaign aims to advance the study of critical languages and cultures for young Americans and to emphasize its significance in the security and prosperity of the United States.


The issue of critical language deficiency is a dire one: besides the creative and critical thinking skills they miss out on, students who don't experience foreign language learning and study abroad miss out on important lessons in cross-cultural communication and are far less likely to engage in solving today’s global challenges.


Critical language microsite, social media, storytelling, partnerships


While the #LanguageMatters campaign continues to develop, early impact numbers reveal enthusiasm for its mission.

On Twitter alone, use of the #LanguageMatters hashtag to share stories about learning critical languages has grown over 1,000% in six months and reaches up to three million views per month.