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What makes a great nonprofit website? That's a question with more than 100 answers. But this list is definitely a good start. These sites display a huge range of design and purpose, from animation laden creations, to less-is-more workhorses that focus on ease of maintenance and usability.
  • Best creative nonprofit websites
    The Creatives

    Different, beautiful, and unique sites. If you want to know what's in, new, or even just possible, look no further. Special mention to the rise and rise of HTML5 videos.
  • Best Donation nonprofit websites
    Donation Dreams

    When it comes to donation experiences, these sites know how to do it. From prominent buttons and inspiring images, to seamless forms - these sites have the moves. Look and learn.
  • Best mobile nonprofit websites
    Mobile Wonders

    With an excess of a third of web traffic coming from mobile devices, it's time to lay out the welcome mat to users on the move. These sites are as stylish as they are adaptable, with responsive layouts that are a pleasure to use on any screen size.
  • Best beautiful nonprofit websites
    Things of Beauty

    What more can we say? On trend and on form, these sites are a pleasure to behold.
  • Best all-around nonprofit websites
    All Around Champs

    Jacks of all trades, master of, well, all of them. These sites might not have the innovative features of the creatives, but they boast design prowess, responsiveness, and just about everything else you need for a nonprofit site that truly rocks.
  • Best rock-solid nonprofit websites

    Classic, robust and functional. These sites make up the hard - working portion of our list. Solid design and good navigation are rarer than you might think, and they deserve to be honored.
Last Updated: March 12, 2017

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